About WisPAN

Nurses at risk for substance use disorder

The American Nurses Association (ANA) estimates that six to eight percent of nurses use alcohol or drugs to an extent that is sufficient to impair professional performance. Others estimate that nurses generally misuse drugs and alcohol at nearly the same rate (10 to 15 percent) as the rest of the population. That means that if you work with 10 nurses, one of them is likely to be struggling with a substance use disorder (NCSBN 2011).

How does WisPAN help?​

Maybe you are one of those nurses. WisPAN is the only organization in Wisconsin to offer peer support for nurses with substance use disorders by nurses recovering from substance use disorders. We are here to support the recovery process by offering group support, individual support, and education.

We want all nurses in Wisconsin to have access to peer support when they need it without fear of judgment.

We further hope through education offered by WisPAN, all Wisconsinites will understand substance use disorder in nursing.

What does WisPAN offer?

  • Peer support for nurses with substance use disorders in Wisconsin by nurses in recovery from substance use disorders in Wisconsin.
  • Promote public safety through education on substance use disorder in nurses to medical organizations, academic institutions, and the public.

Our Team

Kristin Waite-Labott
Founder and President
Vice President
Melissa Owens
Angie Bartkus
Heidi Paquette
Director at Large
Nancy Korom
Director at Large
Helen Saha
Director at Large

Our Values


Courageous decisions to drive us in meeting our goals to provide peer support to nurses who need it and educate Wisconsin on substance use disorder and nursing.


Collaborative efforts with state, healthcare, and education leaders in Wisconsin to realize our vision and meet our goals. Together we can meet our goals.


Honesty and Integrity at the highest level within all aspects of our work. These two qualities build trust with those we work with.


Gratitude for all involved in our organization: the nurses that trust us to help them, the nurses offering support, the support from our communities, volunteers, donors, board members and staff.