Balancing Wellness: Insights for Healthier Living

WisPAN Wellness Newsletter November 2023

Promoting holistic health and well-being, this edition offers tips and insights on maintaining a balanced lifestyle. It includes articles on nutrition, mental health, physical fitness, and stress management, encouraging readers to adopt healthier habits for overall wellness.

WisPAN’s Growing Impact on Nurses

WisPAN Wellness Newsletter July 2023

WisPAN, led by Kristin Waite-Labott, has significantly increased its support to nurses battling substance use disorder, now aiding 82 nurses monthly in 2023. A constructive meeting with Lieutenant Governor Sara Rodriguez promises future collaborations. Testimonials and Melissa’s story reveal the profound impact of WisPAN, emphasizing the essential need for such support amidst the challenges of the nursing profession.

Breaking the Silence: Support in Nursing

WisPAN Newsletter March 2023

President Kristin Waite-Labott shares impactful stories of nurses overcoming substance use disorder (SUD) through WisPAN, highlighting courage and mutual support. With thousands in Wisconsin struggling silently, raising awareness and dismantling stigmas is crucial. With an estimated 10-15,000 Wisconsin nurses struggling silently, increasing awareness and dismantling stigmas around SUD is imperative.

A Year of WisPAN’s Support and Education for Nurses

WisPAN Newsletter November 2022

Celebrating its first year, WisPAN has been pivotal for Wisconsin nurses battling substance use. Through bi-weekly confidential meetings and educational initiatives, it fosters support and awareness. The newsletter shares outreach efforts, impactful stories, and insights, underscoring WisPAN’s commitment to this vital cause.